Mar 6, 2011

Free week

Seems like my attempt failed, so I'll most likely stay behind the computer for the whole week. Just as planned!
On the weekend I may (or may not) travel to meet my "friends" from WoW, but the meeting takes place in a distant city and I could spend more than an hour !! in train, so that kinda sucks. What's worse, one girl from the community contacted me asking if I'm going there, that she would join me in the train, but I don't really want to talk with her. I'm the kind of person who would rather stay alone than be with somebody he doesn't like,so...yeah.

We'll see.


Mar 3, 2011

Numbers don't make any sense

Stupid statistics, I spent nearly 3 hours doing some exercises we've got as our homework and all I had to do was just summing and dividing...

We've got spring break this week,yay! I will spend even more time on my PC. I thought about asking my friend out,but I don't think I have the guts as I'm going to be rejected for sure AGAIN. Well, I may try it tomorrow...but I doubt it.