Feb 16, 2011

Checklist for today

There are these unpleasant things I have to deal about today. The things I should have dealt with already in the past week, but I haven't.
  1. learn physics, I'm not quite sure what do I have to learn, so I'll deal with it later
  2. learn english as we are examined from "jobs and occupations" words in our conversation class tommorow, but I don't have the words yet, so I'm going to skip this point too
  3. answer questions about "jobs and occupations", which I was actually supposed to have last week, but I'm without access to printer right now, so I'll postpone it a little bit
  4. find my grades from past years so I can get them confirmed for my university application, I already asked mother where they were and she said she will find them for me, so I'm cool here ^^
  5. learn for social sciences exam...meh, I think there are more important tasks at hand, so screw that
  6. do some daily quests in WoW - let's start here. ^^
Anyway, there are these news I was pretty surprised about when I read them on wikipedia - the Prime Minister of Italy Silvio Berlusconi has some problems with law. Again. After all the shady things this man could pull off he will probably get busted for banging an underage whore. Tough luck man.


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