Feb 17, 2011


Man, do I hate Thursdays...in school from 7 a.m. to 16.30 p.m. having the worst subjects (3 lessons of physics, German language, 2 lessons of English conversation...) with a danger of being examined from any of them.
However! I had avoided most of my duties yesterday and wasn't examined so I call it a clever and successful move. Nice.

My friend promised me that she will (finally) decide today where is she going to go for her university studies and I'm quite sure she won't decide until the next week. As the deadline to apply on most universities in Czech Republic is the end of February, she should better decide quickly.

Anddddd I think I will play some BGs and then SC2, as there is nothing to learn for tommorow (except maths, but that is not a problem).


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