Feb 18, 2011

Computer winning game shows

Some computer AI program called "Watson" created by IBM won Jeopardy! againts its most successful contestants. And WITHOUT connection to the internet, well I'm REALLY amazed.
What the hell is amazing about that? The biggest problem of AI bots is the fact that they can't answer naturally and that the human has to lead the conversation. I'm really not surprised that a computer can answer nearly every factual question without problems as the information can be easily stored in a database. However, human brain doesn't have (nearly) endless capacity as a computer database, nor can we search in them as quickly.

guess who won

I would, however, be very surprised if a bot could act as naturally as a human. There is this cool thing called Turing test whichrevolves about telling whether the person I'm talking to is a human or a chat bot. As far as I know, there is no bot which (definitely) passed the Turing test so far, but it's also a subject to discussion whether it is or isn't fair test.


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