Feb 28, 2011

Something else in the news?

I neglected my blog a little bit to the end of the past week, so I'll try to keep it updated from now.

I wonder how many other arabian uprisings will come this year. Tunisia, Egypt...I thought Gaddafi would cut them down strongly (and I was sort of right as he killed a lot of protesters), but it seems he will lose control of Libya too. And I wonder if something is going to change as well, because I don't really believe in these so-called revolutions, aka one tyrant leaves, another replaces him. Well, I'm not sure if I care enough to change my opinion in days to come.


nice tanks you've got there Mubarak, too bad noone stayed to drive them

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  1. All of these revolts that keep happening scare me. Who knows when they are going to get to out of control and more than they can handle.